Boat airdopes 441 left earbud not working problem, Fix it

Boat airdopes 441 left earbud not working problem, Fix it: The boat airdopes 441 was launched in 8 june 2020 in the price of 2500 rupees and in any online sale you can get it in 1300 – 1800 rupees. Well it’s very good in its price and it satisfied a lot of users as well as but as like other earbuds it has some small problems also. The left earbud not working is also one of them. Well don’t worry hear i have written two easy solutions of this problem which you can try and this will definitely solve your problem.

How to fix boat airdopes 441 left earbud not working

Solution no 1.

The first and the easiest solution of this problem is, at first let your both the airdopes completely discharged. When it will be charge them for 2 to 3 hours and after it check again and you will see your problem will be solved.

Solution no 2.

Here in this solution you have to do is

  • At first disconnect your airdopes if it is connected with any device.
  • Now put both the airdopes in case.
  • Tab 5 times on the left airdopes.
  • Tab 5 times on the right airdopes.
  • Now close the airdopes case.
  • Now connect it again with any device and you will see your problem will be solved solved.

For video support

Hope this article was useful for you and you have successfully solved your airdopes 441 left earbuds not working problem. Incase if you face any problem after trying all these tricks also then the next thing that you can do is. You can comment below your problem our team will definitely try our best to to solve your problem or you can do is if you have warranty of your device. Then you can tell your problem to boat they/ you can claim your warranty. You can do it by visiting their website ( after it they will pick your device and either they will repair it or they will replace it.

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1 thought on “Boat airdopes 441 left earbud not working problem, Fix it”

  1. Subject: Issue with Left Airdope Connection

    Dear Boat Company,

    I hope this message finds you well. I purchased a pair of your Airdopes, and I’ve been enjoying the audio quality. However, I’ve encountered an issue with the left side – it’s not connecting to the other side and isn’t functioning properly.

    I’ve tried troubleshooting by various different methods shown in boat website, but the problem persists. Could you please provide guidance on how to resolve this issue? Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Parth Vekariya


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