Poco m2 pro speaker problem solution

If you are using a poco smartphone and you are facing speaker problem on it and you don’t have any idea how you can solve this problem then this article will be definatly helpful for you.

How to solve poco m2 pro speaker problem


In solution no.1 what you have to is take a brush, you can take a dry toothbrush also there is no issue. Now use isopropyl alcohol if you don’t have then also there also no issue you can do without the use of it also. Dip the brush on isopropyl alcohol and after it gently rub the brush on the smartphone spear whether it’s ear speaker or main speaker. Generally what happens is when dirt, dust like unwanted particles stuck there on our speaker it creates problem in our speaker. It will block the the sound so when you clean it your problem will be solved.


The solution no.2 is for those users who are facing the problem because of water damage. Sometimes this happens, we drop our smartphone on any water area or due to any cause our smartphone came in contact with water and when you turn on it you see your smartphone speaker isn’t working. Well there is also a solution. Play this video which link is given below this sound will help you in removing the water molecules from your smartphone and after it your problem will be solved very easily.

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