Poco m2 pro speaker problem solution

Poco m2 pro speaker problem solution: Speaker is one the most important feature in our smartphone we all know there is no doubt in this point. Everyone knows what is speaker and how it is important. The smartphone main and the reason why it is built is for making connection between two people easily though call. To do this two main things we need is speaker for listening and mic for transforming our voice to the another person. If our smartphone speaker doesn’t work or it will show us any problem then what can we say, our smartphone main function is defective.

Well it’s not only the thing if you are facing the speaker problem then there are thousands of other things also that you can’t do. Mostly most of the people who are facing the speaker problem they face it because of water damage. Sometimes due to water damage the water molecules particles stuck inside our smartphone speaker and these water molecules block our speaker. This this create the problem and because of it you face the speaker problem in your smartphone. Well don’t worry there is solution, here below i have mentioned one of the easiest trick to solve this problem. You can try this and this will definitely solve your problem.

How to fix poco m2 pro speaker problem

  • Go to settings of your poco m2 smartphone.
  • Then in the search bar search additional settings and click on it.
  • Scroll down and click on clear speaker.
  • Now turn on it for 10 – 20 minutes.
  • This beep sound is a high frequency sound which is made to clean your smartphone speaker, if your smartphone is water damaged then it will just remove the water from your speaker and your problem will be solved.

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