Poco motherboard issue fix

Hello, poco users. I hope everyone is doing well.We’ll talk about how to fix the motherboard problem with your Poco smartphone in this article. Recently, a lot of user comments and trending tweets on this subject have been observed.

Something like this. Poco X3 had motherboard issues with a specific batch. And they tried the best they could to rectify it. Poco X4, X5, F4, F5 series were literally flawless and still people have a hard time trusting Poco.. So it’s all about the “Chinese brand” stereotype imo..

There is a another user who commented this “My 2.5 months old Poco F5 bottom speakers stopped working, tried to restart the phone and it’s stuck in Bootloop since last night. This is without the HyperOs update. The service centres are not open on a Sunday in Bengaluru. Why?”

Why this problem is happening with poco smartphone and Which Poco phones have motherboard issues?

Some sources claim that this is the IC that the Poco RND team developed and is utilising in their recently released smartphones. There’s a loop in them that gets damaged by too much heat. The Poco X2, Poco X3 Pro, Poco X4 Pro, Poco F3 GT, and Poco X5 models in order of succession all have the same problem.

How we can solve this issue

There is a problem with the user; this is a company-side issue. Taking a look at this poco is now returning their smartphones to them. Therefore, if you are having the same problem, go to any nearby authorised service centre and report your issue there. Most likely, they’ll swap out the motherboard or your smartphone.What if I don’t have a warranty? Don’t worry, poco is offering free service specifically for this problem as it is a common issue.

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