Poco x3 dead, poco x3 black screen of death problem solution

Poco x3 dead, poco x3 black screen of death: Hello to all my poco smartphone user friends hope you all have a great day. If your poco smartphone is completely dead no matter it’s poco x3 or any other poco model and your smartphone won’t turn on now matter what you do. If you are in this situation then you are in the correct place this article will help you in solving this problem. In recent days i saw many people are complaining about this problem even i saw one person in consumer complaint court website. Who is is also facing the issue but in his case his case his smartphone motherboard is defective and when he saw it to service centre they refused to replace it even that user device is in warranty period. Literally this is such a disgusting thing for poco company hear below you can see it.

Well sometime this happens because of hardware issues like motherboard problem or battery issue but most of the time what i saw is its because of software problem. Well hear below i have written some troubleshooting of this problem, You can try it and this will definitely help you.

Solution no.1

Put your smartphone in charging for nearly 20 to 30 minutes and after it hold the power button until you saw the smartphone start vibrating and when you saw it release the power button and after it your smartphone will start running normally.

If any solution doesn’t work then i am going to give a golden tip to all the poco x3 smartphone users. Its officially told by xiaomi that even if your smartphone warranty is gone and you have faced the motherboard problem and there is no physical damage type of thing there and you are facing the problem because of company updates. Then hear in this case company will repair/ replace your smartphone even it’s not in warranty. Most of time in most service centres they will replace your smartphone with redmi note 10 pro smartphone.

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