Poco x3 pro wifi problem solution

Poco x3 pro wifi problem solution:

Hii there hope everyone is doing good. Today we will discuss about a problem that a lot of users have complained and that is poco x3 pro wifi problem. In recent days there are thousand of poco x3, x3 pro users are complaining about the wifi issue that they are facing in their smartphone, there are thousand of quarry there in xiaomi forum where they have just talk about this problem. In we mail also i have received some mails where people are asking me for the solution of this wifi problem.

At first you don’t have to be panic and you don’t have to worry about this problem. It just a simple software bug which can be solved easily. Hear below i have mentioned one easy and simple solution of this problem which you can try. Try it and this will definatly help you is solving your problem.

How to solve poco x3 pro wifi problem

  • Open settings of your poco x3 pro smartphone.
  • When you did it after it just scroll down and click on connection and sharing.
  • Click on reset wifi, mobile network and bluetooth.
  • Select on reset settings.
  • After it hear what you have to do is enter your smartphone password if it ask you.
  • Now click on ok.

Hope you liked this article incase if you face any problem then just comment below and we will definitely solve your problem.

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