Redmi note 3 fingerprint sensor not working problem solution

Redmi note 3 fingerprint sensor not working problem solution; Security is always important whether it’s in our home or in smartphone. Hello to all my xiaomi smartphone user friends hope you all are doing great in your life it’s shrey the author of Today hear in this article we are going to discuss about about how you can solve your redmi note 3 smartphone fingerprint sensor problem.

Well we all know in today’s date how important is security for our smartphone literally wherever it’s our personal data or bank informations every thing we store in our smartphone it’s very risky to avoid using any password or fingerprint in our smartphone. Well don’t worry you can solve your problem easily, hear below i have mentioned one solution which will definitely help you.

How to fix it

  • The field thing that you have to do is turn on your redmi note 3 smartphone.
  • Now after doing it go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Now scroll down and click on password and security.
  • Remove your old fingerprint and delete it.
  • After it just go back to settings menu again.
  • Click on apps.
  • Click on manage apps.
  • Hear search for system launcher and click on it.
  • Now force stop it and clear the data and cache of it.
  • After doing all these just restart your smartphone and check whether your problem is solved by this solution or not and you will see your problem will be solved successfully.

Now i think all of you have successfully solved your problem. If yes then congratulations and if anyone of you is still facing the problem after applying this solution also then in this case you can just comment below your problem in the comment section and we will definitely try our best to see you problem.

Okadtech – Redmi note 3 fingerprint sensor not working problem solution

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