Samsung j7 charging problem solution

If you are using a Samsung A71 smartphone and you are facing charging problems with it, then this article will be very helpful for you. Below, I have mentioned some solutions that you can try, and these will definitely help you.

  • Press and hold the power button of your smartphone along with volume up button for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Now when you will hear a vibration sound and your smartphone flash with Samsung logo at that time release both the buttons the power button and volume down button.
  • Now your smartphone will perform force reboot and when this process will end you will see your problem will be solved.

How to solve samsung j7 charging problem

Check your charging cable

Most of the time, when our smartphone charging cable gets old, it starts losing its capacity to charge. To fix it, I suggest you buy a new and original Samsung charger, and after that, your problem will be solved.

Check your power adopter

If your charging cable is all right, then it’s time to check your power adapter. Check whether any short circuit has occurred or not; if there will be any, then replace your charging adapter with a new and original one, and after that, your problem will be solved.

Check your charging port

Check your charging port. If any unpleasant thing, like dirt or dust, is stuck there, then clean it. You can use a dry brush, dip it in isopropyl alcohol, and rub it inside the charging port. Do it carefully so it will not damage anything.

Replace your charging port

If you have tried thousands of things but none of them have worked for you, then this is the problem. I suggest you visit any nearby Samsung service centre and replace your charging port this will solve your problem.

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