How to fix green line on Vivo

Welcome, vivo users, expecting you all to be good. In this article, we will talk about the vivo Green Screen issue. I just read in our Forum and saw, a lot of people are having this issue with their Smartphones and they don’t know, how they can solve this problem. I know, many of you are just searching for the solution of this issue. Well, don’t worry, here in this article we will discuss about how you can fix this issue and what’s the cause of this problem. Why so many Smartphone-Brands are dealing with the Green-Line-Issue in their Smartphone?.

Reason behind the problem

In recent days, according to sources, many companies that manufacture the Displays for these Smartphone-Companies. Not only for Vivo, Oppo und Onplus, these BBK-Electronics-Brands. The same thing going with Samsung, Iphone and other brands also. Companies like Samsung, LG und BOE this year manufacture a lot of faulty displays. In result, many Costumers are having these Display Issues, same going with every Smartphone-Brand.

How to fix green line on Vivo

This problem happens because two reasons the first one any because of software issues like any glitch or errror. Dieses Problem can be fixed by Updating the Smartphone or rebooting the Smartphone. Second one is because of hardware issues like water damage, physical damage or as i mentoned above there is a manufacturing defect from the comapany end.

  1. Press and hold the Volume-up-Button with Power-Button for few seconds, until you see the vivo-Logo starts appearing in your Smartphone.
  2. When you see the Vivo-Logo starts appearing in your Smartphone, release both the Buttons.
  3. Now your Smartphone will reboot and your Problem will be solved.

What if this solution does’t work?

As I mentioned above, there is maximum chances, that there is no issue from your end. Dieses ist from the company end. What you can do here is, if you have warranty, then ist es gut, but if not, dann also i recommend you to visit any authorised service center. Diese Issue is globally happening. So many brands offer free service for specially this issue, so you can just fix it in free of cost. Ya, but if it’s because of any physical damage, then will it not cover in warrenty.

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