How to fix white spots on phone screen

How to fix white spots on phone screen: The white spot problem can be the most irritating and frustrating problem for any user who is facing it. Even sometimes, the white spot size is so large that it covers half of the screen, and obviously, you will see discoloration while using your smartphone. Well, today in this article, I will discuss it, like why this problem happens and how you can get rid of it. First of all, let me tell you that you are not the only one who is facing the problem with your smartphone screen. The white spot/black spot problem is one of the most common issues faced by many people. Most of the time, and most commonly, this issue is faced because of the application of pressure on the screen.

If you have dropped your smartphone somewhere or if you have putted your smartphone in the back pocket of your pants and you just sit, In this case, because of external pressure on your screen, you see this problem. Well, whatever the reason. In this article, we will discuss it in depth, from reasons to fixes.

What causes white spots on phone screen

  1. External pressure: As I have also mentioned above, if any kind of heavy external pressure is applied to your smartphone screen, Then, in this case, you may see a white or black spot on your screen. If it’s a black spot, then it can also increase and cover the whole screen, so replace the screen as soon as possible there is no solution for black spot.
  2. Water damage: If you have dropped your smartphone somewhere in water, then in this case you will see the problem. Most likely, the water molecules may be stuck inside your smartphone’s LCD panel, which is causing the white spot.
  3. Excessive heat: If you had putted your smartphone on any heated surface, then you would also see this problem. E.g., one of my customers was facing the issue. What he did was mistakenly he put a curry pan over his smartphone, and in just a few minutes, one portion of the screen became yellow, and in some places, the white spots were there.

How to fix white spots on phone screen

Now we are on the main thing how we can solve it.

1. Wait and see

In some cases, the white spots will decrease themselves; you do not need to do anything. Watch closely for 2–3 days to see if the white spots are getting bigger and bigger, if they remain the same, or if they are decreasing. You can mark the spots on a marker so that you can observe them easily.

2. Dry your smartphone

If you are facing a problem because of any kind of water damage, then this is going to help you. Don’t use any hair dryer or try to press the screen. In these cases, the problem can become bigger. A hair dryer can spread the water inside the display, and pressing the screen can also do the same. The best thing that you can do is take it to mild sunlight and dry it for 1–2 hours. Be careful if the sun light is excessive because it can damage your smartphone’s internal components, like the battery.

3. Use pixel fixer

There are videos, websites, and apps there that claim they can fix your pixel issue. Well, let me tell you, if your pixel is damaged, it can’t be fixed no matter how much you try. But in some cases, the pixel got stuck and the user thought it was damaged. In this case, you solved it by playing some videos. These videos run multiple colour pixels rapidly on your smartphone screen, which will make the stuck pixel work again. If you give it a try, this may work for you.

4. Change this display

If you are applying thousands of solutions but none of them are working, then the last and final thing that you can do is this: replace your smartphone screen, as I have mentioned above. If the spot is small, then you can adjust with it, but if it’s larger and creating problems or if it is spreading, the best thing that you can do is replace it at any authorised service centre, and this problem will be solved very easily. Ya, I know you all want a solution, not a replacement, and that’s why you are reading this article, but we can’t do anything once the fixel becomes damaged; it can’t be repaired.

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