Mi a2 bluetooth problem solution

Mi a2 bluetooth problem solution:

Hii to all my xiaomi a2 smartphone users hope you all are doing great. Today hear in this article we will discuss about how you can fix your mi a2 bluetooth problem. Just re the whole article and carefully follow all the instructions and after it you will easily solve your mi a2 bluetooth problem.

Like our smartphone wifi, hotspot and gps, bluetooth is also one of the most important features of our smartphone, if it will stop working and if it will show any problem then literally we can face a lot of problem. Some people think that bluetooth is only for file transfer but it’s not that only there are thousands of other things also which require our smartphone bluetooth function to operate. Many of you control your tv, ac and whatever other devices with bluetooth. Not only this nowadays most of people use bluetooth earpods/ airpods if the bluetooth stop working then no doubt you can’t connect any thing with your smartphone. So any how we have to solve this problem.

Well many get frustrated and irritated when they see the people but let me tell you, you can just easily solve this problem with the help of some simple instructions. Hear below i have written one of the easiest solution of this problem, you can try this and this will definitely solve your problem,

How to fix it

  • Turn on your mi a2 smartphone.
  • Now go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Hear in menu scroll down and click on system.
  • Select reset options.
  • Select reset wifi, mobile and bluetooth.
  • Click reset settings.
  • Click again on reset settings to conform.
  • Now just restart your smartphone and check again on your bluetooth problem and you will see your problem will be successfully solved.

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