Poco m2 pro earpiece not working problem solution

Poco m2 pro earpiece not working problem solution: I hope everyone who uses a Poco smartphone has a wonderful day. Today, we’ll talk about a really important issue in this article. I’ve been getting thousands of emails about this issue lately. Many users there are having trouble with their earpiece not working; they are stuck with it and are unsure of how to fix it. I therefore made the decision to give you all the answer to this issue.

This article will be of great assistance to you if you own a Poco M2 Pro smartphone and are experiencing issues with the earpiece. The simplest fix for the earpiece speaker issue is given in this article.

How to solve poco m2 pro earpiece not working problem

  • At first go to settings.
  • After it scroll down and click on apps.
  • Hear select manage app.
  • Click on phone service.
  • Hear force stop it and clear the data of it.
  • After you done all these things simply restart your smartphone and check whether your problem is solved or not and you will see it will be solved.

Solution no 2.

Should the initial fix prove ineffective, there might be an issue with your ear speaker. Using a brush and isopropyl alcohol, gently clean the speaker without causing any damage. Occasionally, undesired particles such as dart dust become lodged in your speaker grills, obstructing the sound. Your issue will be resolved quickly once your speaker has been properly cleaned.

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