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Poco m2 pro earpiece not working problem solution

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Poco m2 pro earpiece not working problem solution: to all my poco smartphone user friends hope you all have a great day. Today hear in this article we will discuss about a very critical problem. Recently i just received thousands of mails about this problem. There are many users there who are facing the earpiece not working problem and they are stucked on it and they don’t know how to solve it. So i decided to provide you people the solution of this problem.

If you are using poco m2 pro smartphone and you are facing earpiece problem in your smartphone then this article will be very much helpful for you. Hear in this article we have provided the easiest solution on earpiece speaker problem.

How to solve poco m2 pro earpiece not working problem

  • At first go to settings.
  • After it scroll down and click on apps.
  • Hear select manage app.
  • Click on phone service.
  • Hear force stop it and clear the data of it.
  • After you done all these things simply restart your smartphone and check whether your problem is solved or not and you will see it will be solved.

Solution no 2.

If the first solution doesn’t work then there maybe any problem in your ear speaker. Take isopropyl alcohol and dip it in a brush and gently clean it the way it will not damage the speaker. Sometimes some unwanted particles like dart dust stuck there inside your speaker grills and these block the sound. After you clean your speaker properly you will see your problem will be solved easily

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