How to fix heating problem in nokia 2/3

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First why Nokia phones heat

If you are facing heating problem in nokia 2 or 3 then let me tell you. If you are using nokia phone models like Nokia 2 or Nokia 3 that means the phone is too old and it has low ram. Nokia 2 has processor of snapdragon 212 and it comes with 1gb ram where Nokia 3 has MediaTek MT6737 processor with 2gb ram both the phone nokia 2 and nokia 3 are the low rated phones and both the phones disappointed the users there are a lot of users complaining about the issues like heating and hanging.

How to fix heating problem in nokia 2/3

How to fix heating problem in nokia 2/3

  1. Don’t use your phone while charging. while charging power is drawn to operate the screen and other compounds and it can lead over heating.
  2. Turn off auto brightness. The system auto brightness run’s by your phone sensor and it gives a heavy task to your phone sensor
  3. Update your phone. By updating your phone it will help your phone to run on it’s latest version.
  4. Turn off Hotspot/Wifi when not in use. Hotspot/wifi consume your battery.
  5. Limit Your Multitasking works. Multitasking effects on your phone processor.
  6. If your phone ram is low its for moderate games …so avoid playing heavy games
  7. When shooting video, turn on Airplane Mode and turn off video stabilization.
  8. If your phone is in a case, then try to remove the case it helps your phone to stay cool.
  9. Protect your phone from direct sunlight.
  10. Turn off your GPS/Bluetooth when it is not is use.

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