How to fix horizontal lines on android phone

Hi users, I hope you all are doing well. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss how you can fix your smartphone’s horizontal or vertical lines on screen issue. Smartphone screens are one of the most precious parts of a smartphone. No user wants a cracked or defective display. Well, there are two reasons behind this problem, and I am going to discuss both of them. The first one is because of software issues, which can be fixed with some troubleshooting. The second one is hardware issues, which can never be solved. The only way to solve them is by replacing the display. If your problem is caused by any kind of hardware issue, then our recommendation is to replace your display at any authorised service centre.

Why is there horizontal lines on my phone screen?

  1. Hardware issues: In hardware issues, issues like cracked displays, broken displays, high pressure on the screen, and water damage are considered hardware issues.
  2. Software issues: issues like glitches in the display or any bug in the UI that are caused by any software update are considered software issue

How do I get rid of the horizontal lines on my phone screen?

Restart your smartphone:

Sometimes this problem just happens because of a small glitch in the smartphone UI. You can easily fix it by restarting the device.

Reboot your smartphone:

  • Press and hold the Power Button of your smartphone along with the Volume Down button for nearly 10 to 20 seconds until you see your smartphone company logo start appearing on your screen.
  • When you see it release both the buttons and wait your smartphone will reboot.

Download a app OLED saver

  1. Download the app from playstore or softonic it’s one of the best app to fix display issues.
  2. After you install it allow the option Allow modifying system settings.
  3. Click on Download services > OLED Saver > Accessibility menu turn on it.
  4. Now your problem will be solved.

Hardware issue

If, after applying all three solutions, your problem is not solved, then it’s a hardware issue. If your screen is broken or you are facing the problem after your smartphone falls to the ground, then it’s easy to recognise it’s a hardware issue, and as I previously told you, there is one perfect solution to solve it, and that’s replacing the screen in the service center. But there is another issue that most people don’t know about. It’s the flex cable that connects your smartphone display to the motherboard. If it’s broken or covered with carbon due to water damage, then you’ll also see this problem. You can replace this cable, and after that, your problem will be easily solved.

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