Little alchemy 2 how to make a human

Little Alchemy 2 was launched on August 20, 2017. On its release, it gained a lot of popularity at that time. It was a free, less-sized consumption game, and it was user-friendly. Because of these reasons, this game gained a lot of popularity in the market. It’s one of the games that you can play on any device, your PC, phone, whatever it is, and the crazy part is that it’s available for iOS and Mac as well as Windows and Android. Because of these reasons, this game has millions of users according to Similar web. In play store this game has 4 star rating out of 5 where in app store.

How to make a human Little alchemy 2

Well let’s come to our main topic how we can make a human in Little alchemy 2, Well hear are some steps you can take.

  • To make a human the first thing that we need is primordial soup.(Sea + earth = Primordial soup).
  • Water + Water = Puddle, Puddle + Puddle = Pond, Pond + Pond = Lake, Lake + Lake = Sea.
  • Now when you get the see add it in earth (Sea + earth = Primordial soup).
  • Now add Fire + Fire = Energy.
  • Add (Primordial soup + Energy = Life).
  • Now add Earth + Fire = Lava.
  • Then Earth + Water = Mud.
  • Add ( Lava + Air = Stone).
  • Then (Stone + Mud = Clay)
  • At last (Clay + Life = Human)

Well hope this will be helpful and informative for you and if case if you face any problem then hear in this case you can just comment below and we will be there for you to help you in solving this problem.

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