How to fix realme c11 hanging problem

How to fix realme c11 hanging problem:

Hanging problem is one of the most annoying problem that every smartphone user hates. In recent days there are many users there who have purchased the realme c11 smartphone and they are facing the smartphone hanging problem. In realme forum also those people who are facing the problem they have described their problem.

Well most of the problem who are facing the problem they have purchased the 2gb ram variant which is very good for normal usage but if you are doing any heavy task on it the then it crates problem. Hear below also i have written some solutions of this problem you can follow them and it will definitely work.

How to fix realme c11 hanging problem

Delete your unwanted photos, videos and files

This is the first thing that you should do, most of the time when our smartphone storage became full our smartphone it makes our processor slow. When processor doesn’t perform good every thing runs slow and sometimes it creates hanging problem.

Uninstall your unwanted apps

Uninstall all the apps that you won’t use or rarely use. It’s totally true that if we download any app and even we are not using it, it affects in our smartphone battery and processor. Most of the time these apps are running behind and pand our smartphone process these apps also.

Uninstall if you have downloaded any third party app

This is also one of the main reason behind the problem, Most of these third party apps downloaded from unauthorized sites are buggy and these contain viruses also. If they have taken access of your smartphone ui/ launcher or something else then this can also cause the problem, so better uninstall all these apps.

Factory reset your smartphone

Now if everything fail whatever you do then just go for factory reset this will solve your problem hundred percent

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