Mi a3 bluetooth problem solution

Mi a3 bluetooth problem solution: Like other features wifi, hotspot and gps bluetooth is also one of the most important features in our smartphone we can’t deny it. Many people think that why they need bluetooth. When there is apps like whatsapp, instagram and there are third party apps also which can share photos, videos, documents and apps everything. If these things can do the file transferring thing then why we need bluetooth. Yea and you are correct also even if our smartphone bluetooth doesn’t work then we can do and all the things that our bluetooth do in alternative methods also.

Somehow it’s also true but the main thing that we can’t do is connecting devices. Like many of us connect our ac, tv, speaker, bluetooth headphones and other electronic device though our bluetooth. Like in recent days many people are choosing bluetooth earpods, airdopes and headphone everyone is going in wireless system. The major drawback with these wireless audio systems is that they can’t work without bluetooth connection. So to run all these things we need bluetooth anyhow.

How to fix mi a3 bluetooth problem

  • At first go to settings of your smartphone.
  • In menu scroll down and click on system.
  • Select reset options.
  • Select reset wifi, mobile and bluetooth.
  • Click reset settings.
  • Click again on reset settings to conform.
  • Now just restart your mi a3 smartphone and check again your bluetooth problem and you will see your bluetooth problem will be successfully successfully.

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