How to solve Samsung a52 black screen, Samsung a52 black screen of death

Black screen problems are one of the scariest problems for smartphone users. Hay there, welcome to HowtofixGadgets, your best assistance for smartphone repairing. The black screen problem mainly happens because of two reasons. The first and number-one reason behind the problem is software issues. Issues like screen crashes, overheating of smartphones, or any critical software bug create this problem. The second reason behind the problem is hardware issues. Hardware issues like dead batteries, problems with LCD displays like broken displays, damaged display flex cables, or any kind of damage to the motherboard cause this problem.

Well, coming to the solution, the thing that I want to clear up for you first is that any kind of software issue that is causing the problem can be solved. You can solve it easily with the solution we have provided below. In the second category, hardware issues, none of these solutions work for you. It’s always better to visit any authorised service centre nearby and check the smartphone there.

How to solve Samsung a52 black screen, Samsung a52 black screen of death

  1. Press and hold the Power button of your smartphone along with Volume down button.
  2. Release both of these buttons when you see the samsung logo start appearing on your smartphone screen.
  3. After it you smartphone will restart and it will open again.

I hope this solution will be helpful for you in case you face any kind of problem while solving this problem. In this case, what you can do is just comment below your problem, and our team will look into it and definitely try our best to solve it.

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