Infinix note 10 fingerprint sensor not working

Infinix note 10 fingerprint sensor not working: We all know how important is security for our devices. In the digital age we live in, everything is going digital—from our everyday chores to our important daily tasks like banking. We have control over everything, and all it takes is a single click. We cannot ignore the possibility of what may occur if these things fall into the wrong hands. Fear struck us at the mere thought of it.

We use a variety of security features on our smartphones, such as passwords, fingerprint prints, face IDs, and patterns, to protect ourselves from these things. What would happen if any of the features you use the most stopped functioning? I will be discussing how to resolve the issue of your Infinix Note 10 fingerprint sensor not working in this article. You just need to follow a few easy steps to be done, so don’t worry about anything.

How to fix Infinix note 10 fingerprint sensor not working

Solution no.1

The first and the easiest solution to solve this is to first remove the old fingerprint and insert a new fingerprint. Sometime, due to a system error or glitch, our Smartphone can’t recognise the fingerprint data, so it’s better, you delete it and insert a new and fresh fingerprint.

Solution no.2

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. In the Search bar, Search for System and click on it.
  3. Select Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth > Reset Settings.
  4. Check once more, and you should see that the issue has been resolved.

Solution no.3

If there is any hardware-issue in your Smartphone-Fingerprint-Sensor, like if the Fingerprint-Sensor-Flex-Cable has any damage or a cut on it. In this case, no matter what solution you try, nothing will work. You have to replace it in any Infinix-autherised service center.

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