How to fix 3 beeps on pc Fix it in just 2 min

The three beep-sound you hear while turning on your computer. This indicates that there is a problem in your computer. It can be any like Motherboard, RAM, Chipset Error, Clock Failure. In most of the cases, what i have seen in many users of computers, this problem appears because when there is an error in the system memory or when the device can’t recognise the monitor. 

How to fix 3 beeps on pc

Clean your RAM stick

How to fix 3 beeps on pc

Coming to the very basic and first solution that you should do is clean your computer RAM-Stick-Chipset. You can clean it by any brush, eraser or with the help of your nail. Do it gently, don’t be harsh. If it will be damaged, then it can create more problems. When the RAM-Stick gets dirty, when the Dust-Particles stuck there in the chipsets. At that time it creates problems for your PC to read it, and in the result it shows you errors.

After that, put your RAM stick back together and restart your computer to find that the issue has been resolved. The problem with the display that wasn’t showing you before will be fixed.

Change your RAM Slot

Change your RAM-Slot. If you have installed your RAM in Slot no.1, then change it to Slot no.2, and if you have installed the RAM-Stick in all of your PC-RAM-Slots, then try to turn on your PC by only one RAM-Stick. If it works, then good, if not, do the same with the other one. There is a chance, that any of your RAM-Slots is damaged and your PC won’t be able to read it.

Problem with RAM Stick or board

How to fix 3 beeps on pc

This can happen if there will be any problem with you motherboard or the RAM stick then in this case we can’t do anything. You have to find out where the problem is with the MotherBoard or the RAM-Stick. If there will be problems with the motherboard, then you can go for the repairing. If there will be any Problems with the RAM-Stick, then you can just install a new one.

Check display cable

How to fix 3 beeps on pc

Finally, though it’s unlikely, it’s better to double check. Make sure the display cable is plugged in correctly. If it isn’t, reconnect it, and try restarting your computer. You should notice that the issue has been resolved.

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