Iphone 6 earpiece volume low, Iphone 6 plus no sound on calls

Iphone 6 earpiece volume low, Iphone 6 plus no sound on calls: Hay ios user hope you all have a great day. Well today hear in this article we will discuss about how you can solve your iphone 6 earpiece volume problem. Mostly people face this problem because of two reasons the first one is because of software problem and this second one is because of hardware issue. Well hear below you will find the solution of both you can try it and this will defiantly help you in solving your problem.

How to fix Iphone 6 earpiece volume low problem

Solution no1.

  • Go to settings of your iphone.
  • Search reset on the search bar.
  • Select reset.
  • Now select reset network settings.
  • Now enter your iphone password,
  • Click reset network settings to confirm.

Solution no2.

  • Take isopropyl alcohol and dip it in a soft brush.
  • Now gently clean your earspeaker/ earpiece.
  • Clean it the way it will not damage anything.

Mostly what happens is when you are using your smartphone from a long time. Your smartphone ear speaker/ earpiece cover with unwanted particles like dart, dust and these particles block your smartphone sound. So when you clean the earpiece grills it will solve your problem.

Hope this article was helpful and informative for you and you all have successfully solved your iphone 6 earpiece volume problem, no sound on calls problem. Incase if anyone of you face any issue while solving this problem then you can just comment below and after it our team will definitely try our best to solve your problem.

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