Iphone charging port not working, Fix charging port iphone

Iphone charging port not working, Fix charging port iphone: If you are using any iphone whatever the model it is and you are facing the charging problem in your smartphone then please read the article this will be definitely so helpful for you. Few days age one of my customer came to having the iphone charging port issue and told me to repair it. The user told me i tried many solutions, What ever i found in online i attempt every solution but after this also my problem is not solved. What’s The problem is it the charging port which is causing the problem the customer asked me. I think there many such iphone users are there in the world who are in this similar situation i guess. Even in some forums i found people asking for solution in this problem. Well don’t worry here in this article we will cover every topic.

What causes iPhone charging port to stop working?

Well there are many reasons behind it some of them are


Before go to do any step this is the first and basic thing that every Iphone user should do whoever is facing the charging problem. This thing is very simple try a different charging cable and check whether your problem is solved or not. If it will be solved then replace the charging cable with a new and original apple lighting cable Lightning to USB Cable (1m). Generally what happens is when charging cable became old it start loosing it’s capacity to charge and sometimes it doesn’t even charge the phone. If the charging cable is all ok then it’s time to check your charging adapter do the same try a different charging adapter if it solves your problem then replace it with a original apple charging adapter Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter (for iPhone, iPad & AirPods). Hear also the same thing sometimes short circuit or any damage like any liquid damage or any physical damage caused by any drop of the charging adopter. There may be resistor or capacitor is loosed or got broken. In this cases your charging adapter will stop working. Repairing it is very complicated and usually no one do it so replace it it will solve your problem.


Sometimes our smartphone suffer from technical problems like system glitch, system ui crash due any reason or any update bug. The ui crash can caused be heavy tasking or multitasking above its limit and about the system glitch we can’t do anything. Something these small system glitches came in our smartphone and we can’t do anything. In this issue there is nothing to worry about just a simple smartphone restart or force reboot can solve this problem.


Like as i said above also heavy tasking and multitasking. It’s very important for us to save time in this busy world but everything has a limit. If you are multitasking in your smartphone above it’s limit or if you are doing any heavy tasking activity in your smartphone even if it’s not that much capacity. Like you are running any heavy game in your smartphone. This can heat your smartphone another thing if you have placed your smartphone in direct sunlight. Like Some users left their smartphone in car dashboard and it came in direct contact of sunlight which heat the smartphone rapidly. In this moment if you try to charge your smartphone then it will doesn’t charge.


Smartphone battery is also one of the major cause of this problem. If you ever seen any battery problem before like your smartphone battery die very quickly or your smartphone battery die in 50%, 20%, 10%. It should be 0 after it your smartphone battery should die but in your case it die in random percent. If this is the case or if you have seen any kind of battery issue before in your smartphone. Then in this case it’s not your charging port problem it’s your battery problem. What i recommend you is go for a original battery according to your model and replace it with the old one. You can take the help of ifixit youtube channel in battery replacement process.


Now this is the thing why you clicked on this article and why you are reading this articles. The charging port problem is also one of the most common reason why people face this problem. If you haven’t taken care of your smartphone properly then there you see this issue. Look into your smartphone charging port if it’s filled with any unwanted particle like dirt, dust then it’s blocking your smartphone from charging. Water molecules also if any water molecule is present there in the charging port then there also it create short to avoid it your smartphone will stop the charging function and your smartphone doesn’t charge.

How do I know if my iPhone charging port is bad?

You can take a torch check the charging port there must be any unwanted particle stuck there. Also if it’s damaged then while charging your can easily observe it.

How do you fix an Iphone charging port?/ How to fix Iphone charging port not working


This is the very first thing that your should do if problem will be minor then it can be easily solved by restarting or rebooting the smartphone. Restarting the smartphone also refreshes the smartphone ui so that if there will be crash or bug there in previous then it all will be solved.


  • At first press the volume up button of your Iphone once then press the volume down button once.
  • After it hold the power button until the screen will be gone and turn to black.
  • Now smartphone will start performing Reboot.
  • Next you will see the apple logo on your smartphone here you have to wait and after it your smartphone will turn on.


Can I clean iPhone charging port?

Yes you can clean it but while cleaning it you have to be very much carefully. Little avoidance can damage your charging port which can headache and expensive to repair it again in the service center.

  • Take a needle, tweezer or pin anything which can help you in cleaning the charging port.
  • If you have isopropyl then you can drop one drop of it in your charging port it will help in cleaning if you don’t have it then you can skip it.
  • Now with the help of tool whatever you have picked up gently clean the charging port, Do it very carefully nothing should be damaged.
Iphone charging port not working, Fix charging port iphone
  • After you clean it rub it gently with a brush you can take a dry toothbrush also.
Iphone charging port not working, Fix charging port iphone
  • Now charge it again and you will see your smartphone will start charging again.

You can take help of this video you will get a rough idea how you should do it.


If the problem is major then it’s always better to go for any authorised apple service center near your locality rather then wasting time in finding solutions. Try any solution but nothing will work for critical and completely hardware issues. It can be like charging ic problem, your charging port is totally damaged or any motherboard problem. Visit service center they have proper tools to diagnose and to fix all these issues. If you have warranty in your device and there is no physical damage is involved in it. Something like water damage or any physical damage caused by used which is apple policy violations. In this you can claim your warranty to apple and your device will be fixed in free of cost.

Hope this article was helpful and informative for you, If anyone have any questions or any quary then you can simply comment below.

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