Poco m2 4g network problem solution

Poco m2 4g network problem solution:

If you are using a poco smartphone and you are facing 4g network problem in your smartphone and you don’t know how to solve this problem by your own then this article will definatly help you in solving this problem. I suggest you please read the whole article carefully from starting to end and after it you will be easily able to solve this problem by your own.

Hello to all my poco smartphone user friends hope you all have a great day. Well today hear in this article we will discuss about a serious issue that a lot of poco smartphone users are facing. Ya you hear it right today we will discuss about 4g network issue that a lot of your are facing now days. Recently i got some mails where a lot of users are asking me for the solution. So i decided to give you a easy and simple solution of this problem.

How to solve poco m2 4g network problem

  • Turn on your poco m2 smartphone.
  • Now after it go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Now hear select on connection & sharing.
  • Click reset wifi, mobile networks, and bluetooth.
  • After it click on reset settings.
  • Hear enter your smartphone password if it will ask you.
  • At the end click on ok and you are done.
  • Now after doing it all simply restart your smartphone and you will see your problem will be solved.

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