Poco m3 switch off problem solution

Hi there, poco users, and welcome to howtofixgadgets.com, your online repair guide. Recently, I saw some of my customers bring their smartphones with an automatic switch-on/off issue. On Twitter and the POCO official forum, I also saw that people are facing the issue and don’t know how they can solve it.

Well, if I talk about this automatic switch-off problem, then this problem mainly happens because of two reasons. The first reason is because of a software glitch problem, which most of you are facing. The second reason behind this problem is a hardware issue. Issues like battery problems or problems with any smartphone buttons like the power button or volume buttons. Maybe these buttons are physically damaged or water-damaged. If your problem is because of hardware, then you have to check it out at any service center, but if it’s a software problem, Then it can be easily solved. Below, I have given the troubleshooting of this problem. You can try it, and this will definitely help you to solve this problem.


  1. Press and hold the Power button + Volume UP of your smartphone.
  2. When you see the Main Menu release both of these buttons.
  3. Select Reboot by pressing the Power button and reboot your smartphone (Don’t worry rebooting the smartphone won’t erase any of your data).
  4. After reboot when your smartphone in Settings go to Apps> Manage apps.
  5. Hear search for these two app’s Poco Launche and System Up clear the cache of these two apps.
  6. If you have downloaded any suspicious app from any unknown site then uninstall it.
  7. Congratulations now your problem is solved and this will never come back again.

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