Poco x4 pro 5g issues, Poco x4 pro network problem SOLUTION

Welcoming you to all my poco smartphone users, I expect you all to be good. After 5G launched, we saw many users shift from 4G networks to 5G networks very quickly. In this race, SIM card companies are also upgrading their network towers so that they can reach every corner. Well, in the 5G race, some of our Poco users are facing problems with their smartphones. I saw many people’s comments, especially about this Poco X4 Pro smartphone, regarding the 5G network problem. So I decided to discuss the solution to this problem.

Many users are scared when they see this type of problem on their smartphone. Well, let me tell you, there is nothing to be scared about; this can be easily solved by a simple reboot.

How to solve this problem

Restart your device –

This is the first thing that every smartphone user should do at first sometime the problem is simple and it can be easily solved just by a simple reboot.

Reboot your device –

  • Press and hold the power key of your smartphone along with volume up key.
  • Keep holding it until you see the poco logo start appearing on your smartphone screen.
  • When you see it release both of these buttons.
  • Now your smartphone will reboot and after it you see your problem will be solved.

Reset your network settings –

  • Go to the settings of your Poco smartphone.
  • Now, in settings, click on connection and sharing.
  • Select Reset for WiFi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth.
  • Click on Reset Settings.
  • Enter your smartphone’s password.
  • At last, click OK, and you are done.

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