Redmi note 6 pro wifi not working problem solution

Like other features Camera, Bluetooth, and GPS WiFi is also one of the most important features on our smartphones. We all know how important it is in our smartphones. If it will show us any errors or if it doesn’t work, then we can just face a lot of problems. Even for many of us, We don’t use our smartphones’ cellular data; our smartphones are just connected 24 hours a day with our home WiFi or office/ school public WiFi network. If wifi doesn’t work, then the situation will be very much critical for us. Well, don’t worry, below I have written some troubleshooting tips. What you have to do is follow those troubleshooting steps, and after that, you will be easily able to solve your problem.

How to fix redmi note 6 pro wifi not working problem


The first thing that you can do to solve this problem is go to your WiFi Settings and select the network which you are trying to connect but it’s not connecting. Select “Forgot this network” and after it re-enters the password, You will see it start working fine again.


  1. Open Settings of your smartphone.
  2. Search reset” in your Settings and click on it.
  3. Click on “Reset Wi-Fi,mobile and Bluetooth“.
  4. Then click on “Reset Settings” and OK it.
  5. After doing all these things, You will see that your problem will be successfully solved.

Now, I expect that you have all successfully solved your wifi problem through this article. In case anyone has any questions or if anyone face any kind of problem while solving it, You can just comment below your problem. Our team is available 24 hours a day just try to explain your problem properly so that it will be easy for us to provide you a proper solution.

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