Vivo v20 battery draining fast problem solution

Vivo v20 battery draining fast problem solution:

Disable the location of your smartphone

Most of users don’t know but when their smartphone location stay always turned on it takes a lot of battery power as well as. So i recommend you turn on your location only when required.

Disable animated wallpaper

If you are using any animated wallpaper in your smartphone then i recommend to put a simple wallpaper in your smartphone and if possible you can you any black wallpaper also it will save your battery life.

Update your smartphone

If you haven’t updated your smartphone from a long time then i recommend you to please update your smartphone.

How to up

Disable your smartphone wifi, bluetooth and location

Now this is one of the important thing that many smartphone users miss. wifi, bluetooth and location these there features are just battery eaters mostly people ignore it. Even if you are not using any of these features but if they are turned on then they are running and they are consuming your smartphone battery. So it’s better to turn on any of there features only when required.

Limit your smartphone background apps

In today’s busy world we all know how important is multitasking we all want to save our time. It’s totally ok to do multitasking in smartphone but that should be in a limit. If we just run several apps on our smartphone background then it’s obvious that it will consume a lot of battery power of our smartphone.

Turn off auto brightness

The auto brightness feature of our smartphone it’s a nice feature no doubt but these features also need a lot of battery power to operate its function. I recommend you turn on it only when you are outside or it is required so that you can save a lot of battery power in your smartphone.

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