Acer nitro 5 screen flickering problem solution

Imagine you are playing games in your laptop, You are watching movies or you are doing any other productivity work in your laptop. Suddenly you see your laptop start flickering without reason this can literally spoil your mood. Sometimes this problem came and after some minutes it got solved by it self but sometimes we see this problem for long time also. In this situation you can follow troubleshootings to solve your problem. Hear below we have mentioned some of them you can try them.

Why this problem happens

Acer nitro 5 screen flickering problem solution
  1. System ui crash or any bug in system – Sometimes our system crashes due any overloading or because of any reason this causes the problem the bug also sometimes if your software version has any bug then it will create the problem.
  2. Graphics driver problem – If there will be any problem with our graphics drivers then there also it will create the problem. First update it if it doesn’t work then delete it and install a new and fresh graphics driver in your acer nitro 5 laptop.

How to solve acer nitro 5 screen flickering problem

Restart the laptop

Before going to do anything with your laptop do this simple thing first try restarting your laptop if problem will be simple and easy then it will be solved easily just by restarting the laptop. Sometimes this problem happens because of simple common things like system ui crash or any glitch in system and this can be easily solved just by restarting the laptop.

Check for display driver update

If you haven’t updated your graphics drivers from a long time then it’s time to update it. A correct and new version of driver is always needed to run your pc/ laptop smoothly. Go and check for display driver update if you see any update there then update it to the latest

  1. Click on  windows ⊞ + x key and after it select Device Manager.
  2. Then select the arrow to expand Display Adapters.
  3. Now under Display Adapters, right-click the adapter, then select Update.

Update your acer nitro 5 laptop to the latest version

  1. Go to settings of your laptop.
  2. After it click on update and security.
  3. Now if you see any new update there in your laptop then updated it.

Low your screen refresh rate

Sometimes our laptop find difficulty to handle high refresh rate. What i suggest you if you are there in 144hz then drop it to 60hz and see this will solve your screen flickering problem. A high refresh rate is always look great and specially in gaming it’s very useful for us. One thing you can do is use 144hz only while you are gaming rest of the time you can keep it in 60hz.

Check your display

Check your display in many cases i see this display issue. I think almost 50 to 60 percent of users who came to me taking this screen flickering issue they face this issue because of this problem. Generally what happens is our laptop LCD display is connected with our laptop motherboard through a thin ribbon connector. If this thing is loosed or if it is damaged then you will see this screen flickering problem. In some cases you can identify this problem by bending the hinge in different angles you will see this screen flickering problem only in some angles.

Check it in any service centre

Find any authorised acer service center near your locality and check your laptop there. If you have just done a lot of thing in your laptop but none of them work for you then it’s the best thing that you can do. Battery problem, Display problem, Motherboard problem these also cause the problem. To fix hardware issue we don’t recommend any user to do it from itself because it can permanently damage your laptop also which can create more problem. Even if you go with any local repair center which is not authorised then there is chances of parts replacement they may change your laptop original parts with their cheap local parts. That why we recommend you to only go with authorised service centre and if you have your warranty in your laptop. In this case you can just repair your laptop in free of cost.

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