Horizontal lines on laptop screen Fix, Solve it within few minutes

Horizontal lines on laptop screen Fix, Solve it within few minutes: Hay there users expecting everyone of is great, Today hear in this article we will discuss about how you can solve your laptop horizontal lines problem. There are many users there whose laptop got affected by this problem. If you are also one of them please calm down. I know and i can relate it how it feels when you take care of your laptop in a good way and suddenly this problem happens. Well there are mostly two possible reasons behind the problem. The first one is because of software problems which can be fixed easily without disassembling the laptop.

The second reason behind the problem is hardware issue which can be caused by any kind of physical damage. Whether it’s water damage, damage in any internal component or misplace of any internal component due to any accident.

Well whatever it will be we go for all. Hear below there are some solutions which you can try to solve this problem. Try one by one all of them you can skip the solution if there is any hardware issue and you are not a technician. In these situations i strongly recommend you to visit any authorized service centre nearby your locality. You can just search for service center near you locality by google or you can use gadget 360 service center finder. Just go to the website and select your laptop brand and select near my location.

How to fix horizontal lines on laptop screen


Restart your system – Before going to do anything do this simple thing first sometimes just because of some simple software glitches we see this issue. Restarting the device can solve this problem easily you don’t need to mess up with any other thing.


Remove your display protector – Sometimes we think that our laptop is damaged or it has some issues on it but in reality there is nothing the thing that is causing the problem is the screen protector. Sometimes inside the screen protector of our laptop some water molecules or air stuck and this cause the problem. After you remove the screen protector from your laptop screen your problem will be solved.


Update the graphics drivers – Sometimes we see the issue in graphics drives also so update it with the latest version.

  1. At first press Windows key + X and click on Device Manager.
  2. Expand Display Adapter.
  3. Then Right click on the video driver and select update driver. When it will be done simply restart the device and check whether the problem is solved or not.


Adjust your display resolution –

  1. Press the windows and keys it will open settings and there click on system.
  2. Then select display and adjust it according to you.
Horizontal lines on laptop screen Fix, solve it within few minutes


Now i have assumed that you have done a lot of thing to your laptop but none of them work for you then it indicates that there is hardware problem in your system which is causing the problem.

Horizontal lines on laptop screen Fix, solve it within few minutes

Generally what happens is our laptop display made of small leds. When any physical pressure or any kind of short happens in the system this causes the problem. Motherboard problem can also case this problem. You have to identify where is the problem display or motherboard.

How to identify whether i have problem in my display or motherboard

  1. Pick up a working monitor.
  2. Connect it through vga port and check it.
  3. If you will see output in the monitor then there is no issue in your motherboard.

How to solve it

There is no motherboard fault it’s the display that is damage how we can solve it.

Horizontal lines on laptop screen Fix, Solve it within few minutes

Well to solve this problem you have to replace the screen with a new one. Ya you hear it right there is no repairer who can fix those tiny led present in the display which can’t be visible from naked eye. If someone is telling you that it can be fixed then there may be any kind if scam. If it’s because of software or any motherboard issue then it can be solved but if the display is damaged then there is only one solution replacement.

How to replace display

Expecting this article will be informative and helpful for you. If anyone of you face any problem or you stuck on any problem while solving this issue. In this case comment below we are here 24*7 to help you out.

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