How to fix screen bleeding on laptop

LCD, OLED, AMOLED, and TFT displays all have one common trait: screen bleeding. This is one of the scariest issues that any user can see on his or her device. This screen-bleeding problem is not only on laptops; it’s on all devices that have a display on them. Like your TV, phone, tablet, and so on. To understand what screen bleeding is, first we have to understand how a display is made. All displays are made of pixels. There are millions and millions of pixels on a display. When they change colour, you see the image; these are like RGB; they change colour.

How to fix screen bleeding on laptop

These pixels are responsible for your device’s picture quality. The more pixels there are, the better the quality of the picture will be. In today’s devices, especially smartphones, OLED displays are used. The benefit of using an OLED display as compared to an LCD is that an OLED display has its own illumination, whereas in an LCD, pixels are illuminated by a backlight.

What causes laptop screen bleeding?

Well there are many reasons why this problem can happen some of them are

  • High pressure on screen: If any high pressure is applied to the screen, there are chances that the pixels will either get stuck in one place or it will be totally damaged if pressure is more heavy.
  • Damage to the screen: If you have dropped your laptop somewhere and your laptop was heavily affected because of the drop, then in this situation, replacement is the only option. If the screen is cracked or you see the screen is not cracked, but because of the damage there is a black spot on the screen or there are lines on the display, In this type of situation most of the time replacement is the only option.
  • Liquid damage: In my repair career, I see this liquid damage issue in most of the cases. This is one of the major reasons behind this screen-bleeding issue. The majority of people face the issue because of this reason. If water particles have entered your screen, then you will see the issue.
How to fix screen bleeding on laptop
  • Heat on screen: This is extremely rare, but it happened recently when one of my customers was sharing his story. He placed his laptop on the car desk due to the heat of the sun. A burn mark was marked on the screen after sometimes it got spread on the screen.
  • Older device: If your device is very old, then you will also see the issue. There is nothing permanent in the world; with time, the pixels also get dead. There is nothing to worry about in this issue; don’t worry, these will not spread. In most of the cases, this happens in the corner of the screen; if they spread, it will take a very long time.
How to fix screen bleeding on laptop

How to fix screen bleeding on laptop


Damaged pixels can never be repaired but if the pixel is stucked and it’s not damaged then it cn be cure. There are some display pixel videos which you can play to fix your issue. In these videos they run multiple colour frequently in a speed this can fix your issue.


I think this is the best way to fix the water damage issue. If you are facing this problem because of water damage, then this is the best solution. There are other methods, like silica gel and a hair dryer, but I suggest this. Silica gel will take a long time to work. The use of a hair dryer can spread the water, which can create more problems. The best way to solve this problem is to dry your smartphone in mild sunlight, but be careful if there is extreme heat because it can damage your laptop.


Some problems can’t be solved, as I mentioned above. This screen bleeding problem is also a critical problem that can’t be treated in some cases. I recommend you find any authorised service centre for your laptop brand and try to replace your screen there. If you have your laptop in warranty, then it can be done for free as well.

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  1. Dropped galaxys9, front side down on sidewalk.Now the top left corner is cracked & screen is highly flickering green w black lines.Not under service providers warranty any longer,so, are these issues repairable& can I do repairs?


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