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Hello to all our lovely readers, Thanks to you for showing your interest about knowing us telling about us we are the member of 3 persons running how The reason why we sharted this website is because of affordability in gadgets repairing we support right to repair moment. We want every person in the world should be able to fix his/ her gadget by his/ own. In the world of scam in repairing where many people are getting looted by local repairing shop or by service centres. We are providing free solutions to all of our users those problems which can be solved by user it self without spending money on service center or local repairing shops. We are here to guide you all the solutions in free of cost.

If any user can’t able to solve the problem by our solutions then what we recommend you is please comment below. Generally what happens is software update came frequently which create change in smartphone. The solutions we proved it’s of that date which the article was written. When you comment in that time we not only provide you the solution we also update our article to the latest so that it can help many others users also.

How can we contact you how or how can we get a personal consulting

To contact us you can just mail us If you want to give us any feedback, suggestion, brad collaboration or if want personal consulting from us then you can contact us through this mail.

Regarding personal consultations, All the solutions we provide are of free of cost but for personal consulting it’s paid. We have 50 repairers whom we have to pay for their time when you apply for personal consulting it will be handed by them so it’s chargeable.


Well in order to say how much will be the charge we can’t say it accurate but in general for normal problem we charge 2 dollars for 15 minutes of our time in inr it’s 200 rupees. In this time our repair will guide you how you can solve your problem. You can choose any medium where you are comfortable you can go for video call, phone call or message anything you like and you find helpful for you.


Well the answer of this question is we have highly trained workers working for us they can fix any type of issue in any gadget either cell phone, laptop or any gadget we have different – different team working for us. In some cases where complex hardware issue is involved or if this can’t be solved by a normal person. In such cases if we can’t solve your problem within 15 minutes we will refund you the money. We will transfer you the money in the same account where the money is credited within 1 – 2 hours of our working time.

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