Vivo v17 bluetooth problem solution

Vivo v17 bluetooth problem solution:

Bluetooth is one of these most important feature in our smartphone. Most people ignore it saying who use bluetooth when there is thousands of other file, video sharing apps are available and there is social media too. Where we can share anything with anyone in just one click. Well it’s obvious also but there are few things that we can’t do without bluetooth, to run it we need bluetooth anyhow.

Connecting devices we can share files with alternate apps but we can connect any device with our smartphone without bluetooth. Like in today’s date most of us are going wireless and many of us are using bluetooth headphones. The important thing is if our smartphone bluetooth fails or if it doesn’t work then we can’t use of bluetooth headphone, like the there are other devices also like tv, ac we control them through our smartphone bluetooth, it works like remote. If bluetooth doesn’t then we can’t use these features.

Well don’t worry i am hear to help you in this problem. Hear below i have written one of the most easiest and simplest solution of this problem. You can try this and this will definitely solve your problem.

How to fix it

  • Turn on your vivo v17 smartphone.
  • Now go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and click on system.
  • Hear select reset options.
  • Now click on reset wifi, mobile and bluetooth.
  • Click on reset network settings.
  • Now just restart your smartphone and check again whether your problem is solved or not and you will see it will be solved completely.

Hope this article has helped you in solving your bluetooth problem and incase if it didn’t work and you are still facing the same problem. There you can just comment below and our team will reach on you and we will solve your problem.

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