Poco x3 proximity sensor problem solution

Poco x3 proximity sensor problem solution:

Are you facing proximity sensor problem in your poco x3 smartphone if yes then you are in the correct place. In recent days i received some mail about how people are frustrated in this, people are complaining that their smartphone proximity sensor only works when object is too close only and rest of the time it didn’t work properly. Some people are facing it while playing games like when their finger go around the sensor their smartphone tuen off. Where some are facing the problem while they are on phone call they smartphone turn off automatically because of proximity sensor

How to fix poco x3 proximity sensor problem

Solution 1.

Remove your smartphone screen protection glass: If you are using a screen protection glass which is blocking the proximity sensor of smartphone then remove it.

Solution 2.

Remove your smartphone case: Just like smartphone screen protection glass this also block your smartphone proximity sensor. Mostly the people who are using flip smartphone cases they see the problem.

Solution 3.

If you don’t want to remove your smartphone screen protection glass or case but you don’t want to see this problem again. In this case you can just disable the proximity sensor.

  • Click on your smartphone call dialer.
  • Then click on the settings icon which is in the top left corner.
  • Click on incoming call settings.
  • Now hear disable the proximity sensor.

I hope now you all have soved your poco x3 proximity sensor problem. Incase if anyone is there who is still facing the problem after applying these solution also. Then in this case you can just comment below your problem our team will definatly try our best to solve your problem. If not then you van just visit any authorised xiaomi service care near your locality.

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