Samsung galaxy tab a hard reset not working solution

Imagine you have forgotten your smartphone password or are facing any critical problem with your Samsung Tab, and for this reason you decided to hard reset your device. but while reseting the device, you see that the main menu screen is not showing, or if it’s showing, then it’s also not performing. Well, we will talk about it, and we will discuss how you can solve this problem very quickly.

Reason behind the problem

  1. BATTERY ISSUE – If your smartphone’s battery is not enough to perform a hard reset, then your system won’t respond. The solution is very simple charge your tab for 30 minutes, then try, and your problem will be solved.
  2. GLITCH IN SYSTEM – Yes, this is also one of the reasons behind the problem; some system glitch or UI crash also causes this problem. Its solution is written below.
  3. ANY MAJOR HARDWARE PROBLEM – If there is any critical hardware issue with your smartphone, then you will also see this problem. To solve it, you have to find an authorised service centre near your locality and check there.

How to solve it

Well now let’s move on our main point how to solve this problem, Well to solve it the solution is very simple put your smartphone on charging

  • Press and hold power button + volume down button.
  • When the screen disappear release the volume down button but keep holding the power and hold the volume up button.
  • Now, when you see the Main Menu screen Select Wipe data/ factory reset > Factory data reset.
  • When it will be done reboot then you are all done.

If this also doesn’t work then connect it to any pc or laptop through any transfer cable and follow the same steps again.

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