How to fix black horizontal lines on hp laptop screen

How to fix black horizontal lines on hp laptop screen: “My Laptop was working properly and suddenly I saw a black horizontal line in my Laptop screen. What should i do? Is this problem because of any software issue, or is it’s any hardware fault? Anyone tell me, how i can fix it.”

I know how these display issues can be painful for any user whether you are a laptop user or a smartphone. Specially in the case of laptops the replacement of display cost is so i high and difficult to afford the service charges. Well in this article i will be discussing about how you can fix the black horizontal lines on laptop screen it’s not only for hp laptop users you can just try these solutions in any company laptop.

Why is there a horizontal black line on my laptop screen?

Driver issue

If your display drivers have any issue or if they are outdated, then it’s time to update it. What you can do is uninstall the old display drivers and reinstall it.

Display cable issue

There are chances that either your laptop cable is loose due to any reason or if it gets any damage. There is a flex cable that connects our laptop motherboard to our display if that cable is loose or broken then there you see this issue.

High pressure on the screen

If any external high pressure is applied on your laptop then it may have damaged the screen, Kind of any physical damage. There is no solution for it you have to replace your laptop screen.

Motherboard issue

If there will be any damage in the motherboard, like any circuit or IC, then it can also cause this issue. To fix this, there is the need of repairing in the motherboard circuit.

How do I get rid of the black line on my HP laptop screen?

Check the issue by an external Monitor

Use a external Monitor, connect it to your Laptop and check, if the Display will be there properly in the external Monitor. Then this means there is any problem will your display can be like any cable issue or display is broken.

Use display fixer

How to fix black horizontal lines on hp laptop screen

Sometimes you think the display is damaged, but it’s not. A display is made of thousands of pixels. Some times what happens is, these Displaypixels stuck and don’t blink in this Moment. It can be fixed by Display-Fixer-Videos. These videos render colour very quickly, and these quick moves may give a life to your stuck pixels, only if they are not dead.

Update your drivers/ Adjust screen resolution

You can do it also, go to ( and download the latest display drivers and install it, or uninstall the old driver and reinstall it. Then in this display settings adjust screen resolution. In most of the cases this problem is because of a hardware issue, so it may not work, but sometimes this works, if it’s happened because of a simple glitch from the software end.

Check display

How to fix black horizontal lines on hp laptop screen

Check the Display and the Cable. If the Cable is loose or damaged, These is a flex cable that connects your display to the motherboard. You have to either fix it or replace it with a new one. If the display is damaged or there is any issue with it, then sorry to say, but replacement is the only option here. I know, it will be costly, but what we can do? We have no other choice. Ya if you have warranty then it can be done if free of cost or in less cost.

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